Course Overview

The Xtreme foam workshop is based at a foundation level with understandings of the methodologies, tactics and technology used to protect major petrochemical, tank storage Oil & gas industries globally. The Xtreme Foam Workshop is an educational based event, as this is a Williams Fire & Hazard Control event, equipment used by us for response services will be showcased for general viewing, observation and operation.

Classroom study and practical exercises will cover various incident profiles and fire dynamics, including foam and dry chemical applications, response logistics, fire ground operations and large-volume equipment applications.

Classroom and laboratory presentations will introduce participants to the fundamentals that make AR-AFFF foams so special, and why Williams Fire & Hazard Control insists on the very best performance in their foam of choice.

Students will participate in small group sessions (maximum of 12 per group) and will participate in Live Fire* training skill sessions / exercises involving pressure fed fires, combined elevated tank and bund fires with a 200 2 metre fire area, hydrocarbon pressure fuel fires, all scenarios designed to typically replicate real fire ground conditions, use of coordinated foam applications and Hydrochem applications, ground-monitor deployment and large volume Big Gun logistics.

Skills sessions / simulations will replicate low level and elevated process unit fires, pressurized pump fires and combined bund/storage tank fires.

*Participants in this Workshop may be exposed to certain risks that are inherent to typical fire orientated training activities.

By accepting your an application, the Participant agrees to assume all responsibility for such risk.

Drawing from Williams' recent response activity and the experience of leading fire professionals throughout industry, students will get a closer look at response events that occur around the world — assessing event characteristics, response methodology, and event impact.

Students enrolling for the "Hot Course", and successfully achieving the competency required, will be issued a certificate of competency.

Williams Fire & Hazard Control internal assessors of student work books, reserve the right to not issue certification based upon lack of evidence of student subject understanding and practical participation

The course will be delivered in English only. To achieve competency, course students must have have good understanding of both English written and verbal skills.

Course Overview