Williams Fire & Hazard Control has personally faced over 200 of industry's most threatening flammable liquid fire scenarios during the last 34 years.

This experience has shaped Response Tactics and Equipment we have developed to meet and defeat these challenges.

With over 22 years in methodology and training, Williams will be bringing their USA Xtreme Foam Workshop to France for one week.

Williams Fire & Hazard Control is proud to bring their USA Xtreme Workshops to Europe.

During the course we will provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to safely and effectively resolve emergencies that involve a variety of products to include liquid bulk-storage structures found at any location where flammable liquids are stored in bulk.

This will be achieved through a mix of class room lecture and field exercise.

Check out our 2016 annual workshop video

What is covered? Course Overview

The fire field training shall include:

  • Hydro-Chem techniques
  • Foam Chemistry and lab test
  • Tank and bund fire extinguishment
  • Incident pre-planning
  • Process unit pressure fire
  • High volume equipment familiarisation

Theory shall include:

  • Williams Methodology
  • Fire field Hydraulics
  • Extreme fire behaviour
  • VCE's and BLEVE's
  • Proportioning methods
  • Tank Studies
  • Crisis Management
  • Process Fires
  • Tank Roll-overs
  • Footprint Technology

For full event information and express your interest to attend the event, click course overview.

Course Overview Course Overview